Comic Book Checklist This covers most of the comic books I've drawn, not counting coloring books and merchandise. I'm sure I've forgot some projects and got some of these issue numbers wrong---correct me.


Caliber Press
Negative Burn #18 (inks) #36 "Volt 2000"
Poets Prosper "The Little Prince"

Dark Horse

Tales of the Vampires#3

The Escapist #1 (colors)

Weird Tales #3 (color)

Grendel Tales: The Devil's Apprentice (assists)
Jonny Quest Cereal give-away

DC Comics
Wonder Woman#86,87
Justice League Annual '94
Batman Adventures (assists)#
Batman:Turning Points (assists)

Batgirl #38

Catwoman #11 (cover)

The Big Book of Weirdos
The Big Book of Thugs "The Bliss Gang"
The Big Book of The Unexplained

"Crystal Skull of Doom"
The Big Book of Martyrs "Pope Callistus IV"
The Big Book of The '70's "Burt Reynolds"
The Big Book of Wild Women "Eartha Kitt"



Harris Publications

Vampirella Comics Magazine #3,

cover and "Hate Mail" story

Lone Star Press
Heroic Tales# 6,8,9,10


Malibu Comics
Hardcase #1 (with Artamus studio)
Freex Annual #1
Darkwave trading card

Marvel Comics
Xmen Yearbook pinup

The Half-Dead King (inks)


The Interman, Vol.1

Shooting Star

Shooting Star Anthology#2 (cover)